Google Blogger Course | Table of Content

Would you like to start your own blog? I think you would! And also I guess most students think it would be hard because it requires a lot of coding experience and much more things like web designing… But have you ever heard of something called Google Blogger?

Blogger is an American online content management system (CMS) which enables multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. Pyra Labs developed it before being acquired by Google in 2003. Google hosts the blogs, which can be accessed through a subdomain of

Google Blogger Overview

Now My Answer is Yes. Google Blogger is a highly user-friendly and free platform. When it comes to choosing blogging platforms, there are a lot of them that you can find on the internet. Like WordPress, Webs, Weebly & Wix etc… But Blogger is something different. The main difference of Blogger when compared to the other platforms are “it is completely free & user-friendly”…

So my name is Mirza Muhammad Ahtsham and I’ll teach you in this course all about blogger Design and Customization in a Professional way. Please Join the “Google Blogger Course-make Own Portfolio like a pro” Course to Learn all about blogger Design and Customization. I have more than 5 years of blogging experience using this platform Google Blogger. So I’m glad to teach you, my Students. I will share all my Experiences what I know about it & what I learned from the blogger platform. I hope you’ll like this course.

I’m going to share the table of content which I will share with all of my students…

This Table of Content for Beginner Level!

  • Introduction of Blogger
  • Which students can benefit from this course?
  • What are the benefits of making a blogger website?
  • What Skill Requires to Make a Blog?
  • How to Create Google Account?
  • How to Register Your Subdomain and How to Create blog/Website (Free of cost)?
  • Where to get Free Themes?
  • What is the Difference between Free and Paid themes?
  • How to Download free theme?
  • How to Upload Free theme into Your Blogger (2 Methods)?
  • Overview of Blogger Dashboard (Posts-Stats-Comments-Earnings)
  • Overview of Blogger Dashboard (Pages-Layout-Theme)
  • Overview of Blogger Dashboard (Settings-Reading Lists)

This Table of Content for Intermediate Level!

  • Design and Customize Portfolio website for Digital Marketer or SEO Expert
  • How to Customize  author name designation and image?
  • How to Customize  About me Information (age, Customize ress, Website, Email, Phone, Calendar, Freelance, Vocation)?
  • How to Customize  and Remove Social Media Links with icon?
  • How to Customize  About Us Paragraph, Contact me and Download CV Buttons?
  • How to Customize Professional Skills Section Information?
  • How to Customize  My Experiences Section Information?
  • How to Customize  My Interest Section Information?
  • How to Customize  From the Blog Section Information?
  • How to Customize  Testimonials Section Information?
  • How to Customize  Pricing Table Section Information?
  • How to Customize  a Font Awesome Icon?
  • How to Customize  Your Location?
  • How to Customize Get in Touch Information?
  • Customize the Logo and Title Section
  • Customize the Main Menu Section
  • Customize the Top Social Media Icon
  • What are Gadgets and What is the Use in Blogger Themes?
  • How to Create Posts (Complete Setup) Hand on Practice
  • How to Create Privacy Policy Page (Complete Setup)
  • How to Create About us Page (Complete Setup)
  • How to Create Term and Condition Page (Complete Setup)
  • How to Create Contact Us Page (Complete Setup)
  • Join us on Facebook (Widget or Gadgets)
  • How to Customize  Popular Posts (Widgets)
  • How to Create Sitemap page
  • How to Customize  Navigation Required Pages Button in front page
  • How to Customize  your website in google search console
  • How you can select your Website Primary Keywords for Rank your Website
  • How you can make SEO Friendly Posts/Page for Rank in google Fastly (Tips)

What is the Reason to make this Course?

I know many Students and Newbies who want to learn some amazing skills and after learning the skills they are struggling in the freelancing field. When they want to bid on any project on a freelancing platform they face a very important question about their previous work. The question is that do you have your portfolio website? After listening to this question they Worried about how they can make their own portfolio because they are newbies. But on the other hand, the portfolio is very necessary for every freelancer or Company.

Why is Portfolio Important in the Freelancing field?

The question is what is a Portfolio? The portfolio is your Online Resume. In Your Portfolio, you mention all about your Work Background History, Your Education History, Your Work Experience and Your Previous and Currently ongoing Projects. A Portfolio shows that you can do the specific job already and they help you to build trust for clients from your side. Also Using Your Portfolio you make a digital environment ecosystem that people reach you from many platforms i.g (Google, Social Media, Email, Whatsapp and Phone).

More Benefits of Your Portfolio Website

However, You also use your portfolio as a blog. You can start Your blogging career and write the good and bad experiences which you get during work. It is not necessary that you can write your blog in English. You can Write Your Blog in any language which you know better. You Better Know that in the whole world everyone doesn’t need to know English some peoples know only some specific language. But in the information age, everyone has a smartphone and they are all using the internet and google to get their problem solution in their own language. With time and get the work experience you will teach English after that you can also write articles and share your experiences in the English language too… This also builds trust toward your client. This shows how much knowledge and experience you have in your work and skills.